WHAT IS EndodonticS?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry involving treatment of the pulp (often called the ‘root canal’) and surrounding tissues of the tooth. When you look at your tooth in the mirror, what you see is the crown. The rest of the tooth, the portion hidden beneath the gum line, is called the root. Though the outer portion of the root is a hard tissue called dentin, the inside channel or root canal contains a pulp of soft tissue, blood vessels and nerves. Bacteria that are able to gain access to the pulp as a result of tooth decay, periodontal disease, tooth fracture or other problems, can severely damage the pulp. When that happens, an endodontic specialist, such as Dr. Schroeder, removes the diseased pulp to save the tooth and prevent further infection and inflammation. After successful endodontic treatment, the tooth continues to function normally.